Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Pet Prayer

I hope the community will not mind a personal entry from me.

Early this morning, our dog's struggle with cancer ended.

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To you who fills my life with joy
And in whom I have placed my trust,
I ask for but a few kindnesses.
Count me as a member of the family,
Feeding me when I am hungry
And giving me a warm and comfortable place to sleep.
Keep me safe from harm
So I will have no cause to fear,
And tenderly care for me when I am sick.
Let me know by your voice and touch that you love me,
For your love is what sustains me.
Find time to play with me
And time to let me lie quietly by your side.
When I grow old and my days few,
Comfort me, treat me gently and humanely
And, please, do not let me suffer loneliness, indignities, or pain.
And when I have gone,
Think of me and of the friendship and happiness we have shared.
Do not be sad.
Smile at the memories
And share with me the ultimate peace
I have found in knowing and loving you.

I wonder if I should change my IRC nickname. I think not. Send me your thoughts.